Horizon Blocks
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Horizon Blocks

Horizon Blocks is a NFT Collection on WAXP Blockchain, collect and Hold NFTs into your Atomichub inventory, collect HRZN Tokens daily. Horizon Blocks is a part of Horizon Metaverse.
Horizon Blocks is focusing to build Horizon Universe on WAXP Blockchain, Binance Smart Chain for Global Collection with Non Fungible Tokens(NFTs) and the collection’s cryptocurrency Horizon Token (HRZN).
The important part of Horizon Block's is you don't need to spend time on WAXP Blockchain Smart Contracts for a NFT Collection like others. Our main idea is ' Collectible Collections (100%) ' which you can just collect NFTs and hold it into your inventory. All Smart Contracts actions are automated by horizonblock (WAXP Blockchain Smart Contract) also Horizon Blocks is just a part of Horizon Collections.
We builted Horizon Blocks from this mission and we will inspire this idea for all Horizon Collections.
Horizon Blocks has 3 type of NFT for HRZN Token distribution - Destrillars , Factories and Quachees. You can use it for gather HRZN (WAXP Blockchain token) daily.
Destrillars are in series1 schema and they have 3 tier according to their Token Gain Power (TGP).
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